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Medical-grade Self-Care In A New York Minute

The Most Convenient, Stylish, Versatile, Potent Yet Gentle Feminine Wash You’ve Ever Known. Decades Of Clinical Research By OB-GYN’s, From The Lab To Your Purse.

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As Vibrant, Versatile, & Vivacious As You.

Introducing the Vesper V, a new concept of self-care for the wellness-minded, driven, fierce go-getter with an unrelenting focus on holistic wellbeing who does not sacrifice quality of care for convenience. Made of 100% natural ingredients, herbal-based, vegan, cruelty-free, and strictly nontoxic, Vesper V incorporates our proprietary blend, the Vitality Vault, and proudly ushers in a new concept of lifestyle, self-care, and wellness.


Fiercely Female-Founded & Funded.   

Lovingly made in the USA.

Developed by practicing OB-GYN’s, made of 100% natural ingredients, and featuring our proprietary Vitality Vault blend, the Vesper V formulation packs a punch and is as potent as it is delicate on your most intimate skin.


Spring 2022 Limited

Quantity Release

Stay Sassy And Classy.

Join The Conversation On Vellness.

Stay in the know.

We’re perfecting the conversation around vaginal health, women’s health and wellness in general, and their passions and aspirations. Out with the taboo around talking about women’s healthcare, desires, and ambitions, in with a new era of candid conversations. Voice. Vision. Valor.

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