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Start Your Voyage With Vesper V

What does Vesper V do?

The Vitality Vault proprietary blend in the Vesper V nails modern-day self-care with its signature aromatics and refreshingly cooling sensation upon contact with the skin. Also lovingly called the V, it gently moisturizes and deodorizes while acting as a potent cleanser. Actively inhibiting the growth of bacteria rather than making you smell like a flower or fruit, the V keeps you refreshed, clean, and moisturized. It also alleviates itching caused by various conditions including BV, yeast infection, or hemorrhoids during or after pregnancy.

The Vesper V is made with comfort in mind. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin, and can be applied on the skin at any time. Rinse off or leave on. Thoughtfully made in carryon-friendly bottles, you can take it wherever your next adventure awaits.

How do I apply the Vesper V?

For its principal use as a potent yet gentle feminine wash, apply on skin in the vaginal area. In the shower or on the go. Leave on or rinse off. Only use it on external skin. Do not use as a douche. Works equally well as a rinse-free hand wash so you can receive your flight meals with confidence and grace, especially for the window seat scenario. In a pinch, use as a surface cleaner wherever you are: spray onto any non-porous surface including doorknobs, faucets, toilet seats, and screens.

How often should I use V?

Apply it as frequently as you wish. The Vesper V is particularly potent when you experience inflammation, irritation, or dryness. It is also a conveniently packaged freshener on a hot summer day, while you're out and about, or when a little TLC is most needed during periods.

Is Vesper V an antibacterial?

No, the Vesper V does not kill bacteria. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It acts as an effective vaginal cleanser and can be applied on other areas of the skin. In a pinch, it can even be sprayed onto surfaces to create a cleaner environment. However, it is in no way a substitue for antibacterial or antiviral products. The advantage of Vesper V lies in its portability and design, so you have less to worry about while out and about, on a flight, in the gym, or on a hike.

Do I have to rinse it off after applying?

No, the Vesper V can stay on the skin after application and there's no need for rinse. However, we have personally enjoyed applying it in the shower and absolutely recommend it!

Is the Vesper V a drug? Are there any contraindications?

The Vesper V is not a drug, but rather a personal cleanser and moisturizer that cares for your most intimate areas in an effective yet gentle way. There are no contradindications while using the product. However, please refrain from applying the Vesper V on broken, chafed, or freshly waxed or shaved skin. The Vesper V packs a punch and provides a refreshing cooling sensation immediately upon contact with the skin, which can be uncomfortable if the skin is sensitive, such as soon after a shave or wax session.

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